Where to Buy Cambodian Shroom Spores

Where to Buy Cambodian Shroom Spores .If you’re looking to grow Cambodian shrooms, there are a few places you can turn to to get your spores.

If you live in the United States, two of the best spore vendors that carry this strain are Ralpster’s Spores and Spores 101.

If you live in Canada, you can check out Sporeslab or Myco, which are great resources and carry the Cambodian strain most of the time.

If you live in EuropeKosmic KitchenViking Spore, and the Magic Mushrooms Shop are good places to try instead.

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How to Grow Cambodian Shrooms

There are many good reasons to grow the Cambodian cubes strain — prolific fruiters, disease resistance, and gentle effect profile — just to name a few. 

We’d even go so far as to say the Cambodian strain is one of the best for new growers. 

As with any strain, it’s important to prioritize keeping a sterile environment during the inoculation phase and ensure the mycelium doesn’t overheat during incubation. 

For more detailed information on how to get started growing magic mushrooms, check out our extensive beginner’s guide (PF Tek method)

We’ve found that the first flush with this strain is almost always the most prolific. Second and third flushes can provide impressive yields too, but they usually have a sharp drop-off by the fourth flush. If you get stuck between flushes, you can use an ice water bath to stimulate new growth.

Similar Strains

Cambodian shrooms are highly sought-after in the magic mushroom community and are one of our top recommendations for new growers — but they aren’t our only recommendation. 

Whether you’re having difficulty finding Cambodian shroom spores or you’re just looking for similar strains to go for instead, here are some other options worth your consideration: 

Allen Shrooms

The Allen shroom strain is named after John W. Allen, the same mycologist who discovered the Cambodian strain. In fact, the Allen strain was discovered during the same excursion through Asia, although it was isolated from a wild shroom sample in Thailand. The Allen strain has rapid colonization times, just like the Cambodian strain, and it’s relatively easy to cultivate even for novices. 

Ban Hua Thanon Shrooms

The Ban Hua Thanon shroom strain also called the BHT strain, is yet another that was isolated during “Mushroom John” John Allen’s trip to Southeast Asia. This strain has good resistance to high temperatures, it’s a fairly quick colonizer, and it’s easy for any cultivator to grow, regardless of experience.

Burma Shrooms

The Burma mushroom strain hails from Myanmar, which isn’t far from where the Cambodian strain was initially isolated. This strain — sometimes called the Burmese strain — was taken by a student in Thailand, who later gifted it to John Allen for his research. Like Cambodian shrooms, the Burma strain is known for its high potency and ease of cultivation.

Ban Phang Ka Shrooms

Finally, Ban Phang Ka shrooms — or just BPK shrooms — come from Thailand and were, unsurprisingly, originally isolated by Mushroom John Allen. This strain is quite rare, so it’s challenging to find spore samples available. It’s a bit more challenging to cultivate than Cambodian shrooms as well, and the potency is slightly lower, usually coming in around average.

Koh Samui

Our editor, Justin Cooke, recommends Koh Samui as his favorite to grow. It’s a fast colonizer and is extremely easy to work with. This shroom will thrive on basically any growing media you throw at it — it’s not picky whatsoever, which makes it perfect for low-budget mushroom setups. 

The trip from these shrooms is also notoriously smooth. They’re strong, but not so strong that you will be left reeling after the trip.

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