Where to Buy Albino A+ Spores

Where to Buy Albino A+ Spores .Most vendors that carry spores for magic mushrooms will stock Albino A+. 

Check out Ralphsters Spores or Sporeworks if you are in the US; Viking Spore in the UK or Europe; and Sporeslab if you live in Canada to get your very own Albino A+ spores.

You might also be able to find this strain on online spore trading platforms like /r/sporetraders/

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How to Grow Albino A+

Growing your very own magic mushrooms at home is not only a lot cheaper than getting them online, but it can also be a lot of fun as well. 

Albino A+ is commonly considered an easy-growing mushroom and requires little preparation and care. It grows well in most substrates, though a combination of vermiculite, coir, and rye grain are common choices.

The key thing you need to be constantly aware of is contamination — different strains all have their own propensity towards contamination, and luckily Albino A+ is pretty average in this regard, but you will still need to be careful.

To prepare your substrate, you first need to ensure that it is completely sterilized — this involves either boiling or pressure cooking whatever type of substrate material you are planning on using.

Whether you choose to steam it or throw it in your pressure cooker, make sure that whatever your choice of substrate is completely contaminate-free before using it to grow your Albino A+ spores.

If you buy your mushroom spores from a dedicated shrooms vendor, they will likely come with their own set of instructions alongside the spores. Make sure you are following these instructions very carefully, as Albino A+ shrooms need to be kept at a good consistent humidity to ensure proper fruiting.

Similar Strains: Albino A+ Strain

The Albino A+ strain is one of the easiest albino strains to cultivate. It’s less finicky than many of the other albino strains — which tend to colonize more slowly and are more sensitive to contamination.

With that said, if you like growing the albinos, you should also consider the Albino Penis Envy, Albino Goldies, Albino Treasure Coast, Mexican Albino, or the Yeti strain. 

Other similar strains to consider are the original A+ strain and Oaxaca. 

Here are some of our recommendations for the best alternatives to the Albino A+ strain: 

Albino Goldies

Originally made by crossing the Golden Teachers strain with Albino A+, the Albino Goldies is a particularly beautiful example of the species. Much larger than Albino A+, it fruits very generously and doesn’t require much work to produce a good crop.

It also has most of the same potency of the Albino A+ strain, which, when combined with the more heady and introspective high of its Golden Teacher parent, makes for a really interesting and blended high.

A+ Cubensis

The A+ strain is most likely the predecessor of the Albino A+ strain.

An easy fruiting strain, A+ is another one of those strains that are perfect for home cultivation and microdosing. It has an easy flowing high and a relatively gentle flavor, making this strain a great everyday shroom. 

Albino Penis Envy

The Albino Penis Envy mushrooms could very well be the most popular albino strain available today. It blends the interesting aesthetic of albino mushrooms with the impressive potency of the Penis Envy lineage. 

Don’t expect massive yields from this strain, but the higher-than-average potency should more than make up for this. 

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