What are the effects of magic mushrooms?

What are the effects of magic mushrooms? .The effects of magic mushrooms can vary a lot for the same reasons, which can make the effect last longer or shorter. To give you an idea of ​​some of the effects of magic mushrooms, we give you a short indication below:

  • You see things differently. For example, colors can be perceived more intensely, or objects start to move. Sounds, smells and taste are also perceived more intensively.
  • You often feel more positive and euphoric. Note: do you feel a bit more down or are you not feeling well? It can also amplify your negative feelings even more.
  • Time seems to last longer. A minute can feel like an hour, so keep this in mind.
  • Thinking processes are different: because of this you can make certain connections that you might not make before. In some cases, this can lead to more creativity and surprising insights.

Are magic mushrooms safe?

Yes, actually it is a weaker and organic version of LSD. However, it is important to consume it with someone else who is sober. It is also wise to stay at home. In addition, we do not recommend the use of magic mushrooms if you are not feeling well or if you have a lot of anxious or negative thoughts. This can only enhance the feeling, so you probably don’t experience your trip as something positive.

How long do magic mushrooms stay in your body?

Magic mushrooms remain in your blood for 24 to about 48 hours after use. The highlight of your trip often takes place two hours after consumption. It differs per situation for how long you experience the effect of magic mushrooms. So keep in mind that it can be in your blood for up to 48 hours, but that the effects are less noticeable.

Are magic mushrooms addictive?

Magic mushrooms are not addictive both mentally and physically. It is possible that you experience the trip so well that you want to experience it more often. This is the case with many types of resources, so keep this in mind.

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