Buy dried mushrooms online

Buy dried mushrooms online .Fresh mushrooms are often said to be stronger than their dried counterparts. This has never been fully proven, but many users experience it. A disadvantage of fresh mushrooms is that they have a shorter shelf life. The average shelf life of fresh mushrooms is only 5-10 days if you keep them in the fridge. After this, the fresh mushrooms can spoil. Dried mushrooms can be stored longer. In this case it is important that you store it airtight. This can be done, for example, with a preserving jar.

Use magic mushrooms or truffles?

We hope you now get a better idea of ​​magic mushrooms and truffles. In any case, if you want to use magic mushrooms or truffles, you should always do so in moderation and in a safe environment. This way you keep it fun for yourself, so that you can hopefully look back on a pleasant experience after time. Every week we receive a new shipment of fresh truffles (sclerotia) and grow kits. Can’t make a choice? Check out our top 10 mushrooms

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