How do you use magic mushrooms?

You can use magic mushrooms in different ways. You can eat the mushrooms, crumble them, mix them with soup or tea or even drip them under your tongue. Think carefully about which way you think is best in order to enjoy an optimal experience. You can also experiment with consuming mushrooms yourself by taking them in a different way each time. Especially when you want to use mushrooms several times, it can be nice to vary the consumption method.

The most common way to ingest magic mushrooms is to eat them. In this case, it is important to chew the mushrooms so that the moisture can be released. The psychoactive compound released from the mushroom through your saliva begins to mix with your blood and thus reaches your body. Would you rather not chew mushrooms? Then it is recommended to buy a grinder to crumble them.

Would you like to mix the mushrooms with a tea or soup? Then it is important that you crush the amount into small pieces. Make sure that you do not boil the soup or tea, because this destroys the active ingredient. The water is allowed to boil before adding the small pieces to the water.

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