Where to Buy Wollongong Spores

Where to Buy Wollongong Spores .Spores from the Wollongong strain are easily accessible in Australia through spore trading circles. However, the strain is a little harder to come by in the United StatesCanada, and Europe.Where to Buy Wollongong Spores

Wollongong spores aren’t hugely widespread, but a couple of vendors stock samples. Currently, spores samples from the Wollongong strain are only available in Canada and the United States. Spores of this strain are yet to reach mainland Europe and the United Kingdom — at least at the more reliable and trusted vendors.

If you’re in the United States, you will find Wollongong strain spores at Ralphsters Spores in spore syringes.

You can buy spores from Spores Lab if you’re based in Canada.

How to Grow Wollongong Mushrooms

The Wollongong strain is an aggressive colonizer, is contamination-resistant, and can grow in an unoptimized environment. These traits make the strain easy to cultivate, even for the beginner with limited experience.

The simplest and most fool-proof way to get good results from cultivating the Wollongong strain is to use PF-Tek.

PF-Tek is a simple cultivation technique that uses substrate-filled sterile jars, a simple incubator, and a fruiting chamber.Where to Buy Wollongong Spores

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