Where to Buy Penis Envy Spores

Where to Buy Penis Envy Spores .Most magic mushroom spore vendors carry Penis Envy — it’s one of the most popular and bestselling mushroom strains right now — on par with other legendary strains such as Cambodia, Golden Teacher, and Koh Samui. 

If you’re in the United States, check out vendors like Spores 101Ralphsters, or Mushroom Prints

If you’re in Canada, you can pick up Penis Envy from Blue Goba or Sporeslab

If you’re in Europe, Viking Spore and The Magic Mushrooms Shop carry Penis Envy genetics.

How to Grow Penis Envy

Penis Envy mushrooms aren’t the easiest to cultivate, but most people with a couple of grows under their belt can cultivate this strain without much trouble.

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There’s always a tradeoff when selecting desirable traits. Penis Envy mushrooms are powerful but less resistant to contamination, have a higher abort rate, and colonize their substrate about 20% slower than popular “beginner” strains like Golden Teachers

You’ll need to be extra cautious about cleanliness and contamination when growing these mushrooms and allow them a few extra days to colonize before moving them into the fruiting chamber.

Penis Envy grows well on all substrates, including brown rice flour and vermiculite (BRF tek), rye grain, wild bird seed, and manure. 

I’ve had the most success with rye grain and a pH-balanced casing mixture without manure. I have also seen these strains perform well on BRF cakes, but expect to have a relatively high number of aborts, and do your best not to touch the cakes for any reason with your hands once the mushrooms start forming. Where to Buy Penis Envy Spores

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