Where to Buy Blue Meanies Shroom Spores

Where to Buy Blue Meanies Shroom Spores .Individuals interested in purchasing Blue Meanies shroom spores for collecting or cultivating should have no issue finding vendors who carry them. This is one of the most popular and sought-after strains of magic mushrooms, so most major retailers keep them in stock. 

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How to Grow Blue Meanies Shrooms

Growing Blue Meanies is a relatively straightforward process. The strain is relatively resistant to disease and mold (because of its fast colonization rate). 

It tends to produce several large specimens, followed by clusters of small to medium-sized mushrooms. All mushrooms from this strain are very potent; even samples growing in underoptimized conditions tend to be quite strong. Where to Buy Blue Meanies Shroom Spores

Blue Meanies deal well with ice baths, so you can resort to that if you find your mycelium is getting stuck after just one or two flushes.

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