Does Microdosing Work?

Does Microdosing Work? .It’s important to note that research is still slim on microdosing and its effectiveness. While it’s unlikely that research will find microdosing to be harmful, there are conflicting reports on its effectiveness.

One study involved 191 participants who overwhelmingly reported effects that were not greater than the placebo [5]. This particular study found it ineffective as a medication on its own, but this is far from conclusive.

Though the work of this study was important, there were several concerns with it. Namely:

  • The sample size — 191 participants is quite small and far from definitive.
  • Sourcing — Participants had to source their own drugs, leading to varied potency and effectiveness.
  • Drug Type — This study was open to all drug types and amounts at the discretion of the participants.
  • Previous Experience — One inclusion criterion for participants was that they had previous experience with psychedelics. This may give them a greater idea of what to expect and strengthen the placebo effect.

This report was definitely compelling, and I have no intention of throwing it away. It’s an important first step in understanding whether microdosing is effective — I simply don’t believe it’s conclusive.

Neither, by the way, are the other studies that report positive findings — these have problems of their own. Whether the benefits come from the placebo effect or the substance might not even be an essential question to answer. Only one thing seems clear: many believe their lives to be better thanks to the practice.

Micro vs. Macrodosing: What’s the Difference?

The vast majority of research on psychedelics revolves around high doses of these drugs. While microdosing could have positive effects, it often does not convey the whole story that the plant or substance is trying to teach.

Put another way — there is nothing wrong with taking something to help get through the day-to-day, but it’s also a good idea to periodically step outside the calendar altogether. We recommend considering a larger-dose session to let the psychedelic speak to you “a little louder.”

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