How to Take Magic Mushrooms

There are many different ways to use magic mushrooms. The most common method is to simply eat a few of the dried mushrooms directly, but you can also make mushroom tea, make them into mushroom chocolates, or diffuse them into honey.

Here are seven methods for consuming magic mushrooms:

1. Eat The Mushrooms Whole

This is the most common method of using mushrooms around the world. You can eat both the fresh and dried mushrooms directly.

I’m going to be completely honest — magic mushrooms don’t taste great. Fresh mushrooms are a little bit better, but not by much. The easiest way to use them is to just knock them back and follow up with some sort of chase to mask the taste (if needed).

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Some people will add their shrooms to food to mask the flavor. Some effective meals for this are pizza or pasta.

The only rule here is that you should never heat the mushrooms in any way. Heat will destroy the psilocybin and remove their psychoactive effects. Always add the mushrooms at the very end if you’re trying to mask them in food.

Before you start digging into your bag of mushrooms, it’s important to weigh out the correct dose using a scale. This is an important step to ensure you’re using the right dose each time and avoid the risk of taking too much.

What’s the Dose For Fresh Mushrooms?

If using dried mushrooms, stick to the dosages listed above (0.2 grams or less for microdose and 2 – 4 grams for standard dose).

For fresh mushrooms, the dose is much higher to account for the added water weight. Mushrooms contain as much as ten times higher while fresh than dried. So you should time the dried dose by 10 to find the equivalent dose in fresh mushrooms.

For example, the standard 3-gram dose of dry mushrooms is equivalent to about 30 grams fresh.

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