What Are Brazilian Shrooms?

Brazilian magic mushrooms are one of the fastest-growing shroom strains out there. Rich in history, these shrooms come from Brazil, where indigenous peoples have used psilocybin-containing mushrooms for thousands of years.

Famed for its intense spiritual experience, the high of this strain is well known for its incredible intensity, heightened sensations of color, and satisfying euphoria.

This strain was first collected somewhere in the Brazilian highlands and cultured in a lab to produce this genetically-stable strain. 

The Brazilian strain can be visually identified by its larger-than-normal veil, which connects the cap to the stem.

Where to Buy Brazilian Magic Mushroom Spores

The Brazilian strain is very easy to find online. This strain has been around for decades and is available on just about all major spore vendors in the US, Canada, and Europe (with some exceptions).

Places like Spores 101 and Ralphster’s Spores are great resources for finding this strain, but remember that you will most likely only be able to find grow kits or spores rather than the mushrooms themselves (these are illegal).

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