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Cambodian magic mushrooms Oregon. is the best option for novices because it is very simple to grow and produces generally predictable harvests. The first specimens of these Khmer mushrooms were discovered close to the Angkor Wat complex of temples, but you can now grow them at home. The substrate of these grow kits has been completely colonized.

Cambodian mushroom Grow kit

The Cubensis magic mushrooms from Cambodia sit high in the visual spectrum and provide a magnificent intellectual journey. These Cambodian mushrooms are excellent for more seasoned users who have already experimented with magic mushrooms several times. Purchase the online breeding set for Cambodian mushrooms right away to take a wonderful voyage on this magical fungus from Cambodia.

Effects Cambodian magic mushrooms

The Cambodian magic mushrooms give an effect and a trip that fits the wishes of an average user of magic mushrooms. You’ll  notice the power of tripping on magic mushrooms. The Cambodian mushroom is ideal as a stepping stone if you’ve already met the world of entheogenic resources once before. The Cambodian magic mushrooms gives beautiful visual effects. Colors that you get differently, sounds that sound different and often you have a different view of life during your trip. This may be that you come to the conclusion that a human being is just a collection of memories.

You can expect the following effects on a Cambodian mushroom trip:

  • Colors that are experienced differently
  • Sounds and voices that come in differently
  • Losing the sense of time for a short time
  • Difficulty in correctly pronouncing sentences and words
  • Sometimes not realizing that you are standing, sitting or lying at that moment
  • A experiencing a new outlook on life

Cambodian mushrooms are mostly strong on average, yet we advise you to prepare well before you start a trip

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