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Psilocybin (the active hallucinogenic compound found in magic mushrooms) is prohibited in Denmark. However, as magic mushroom spores don’t contain psilocybin, they’re unrestricted in the country. This means that you can purchase and own spores providing you don’t cultivate them. 

There are several spore vendors that will ship to Denmark. However, you must ensure that your chosen vendor is reputable and your order contains unrestricted products. 

In this article, we’ll look at the laws surrounding mushroom use, spores, and cultivation in Denmark and recommend a few reliable spore vendors that ship to the country. We’ll also be touching on whether there are any native psilocybin mushrooms growing in Denmark and a bit about the psychedelic history of this Scandinavian country.

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal in Denmark?

No. Magic mushrooms are illegal in Denmark. In fact, Denmark, like its Scandinavian neighbors Sweden and Norway, has rather strict drug laws.

Possessing, selling, and buying psilocybin has been illegal in Denmark since the 70s. However, growing, collecting, and consuming psilocybin-containing mushrooms in Denmark was completely legal until 2001. 

Up until July 1st, 2001, the legality surrounding magic mushrooms was very laid-back. Unfortunately, the possession, cultivation, and collection of magic mushrooms became completely illegal after this date. 

Now, even possessing a small amount of psilocybin in the form of dried or fresh mushrooms carries a hefty fine and up to two years in prison. 

Are Spores Legal to Buy in Denmark?

Magic mushroom spores are a bit of a grey area in Denmark. You can be prosecuted if you get caught buying magic mushroom spores and have the means to cultivate them (growing equipment and substrate). However, technically, magic mushroom spores are legal to buy and sell, provided they’re for research or collection without the intent of cultivation.

Most European vendors will ship mushroom spores to Denmark. However, be careful ordering all-in-one kits that include spores and growing mediums. You could be investigated if the package gets stopped by customs coming over the German border. 

If you want to purchase spores in Denmark legally, you should do so carefully. Ensure that the only items you’re purchasing from a vendor at one time are spores. 

What Are the Penalties for the Possession of Magic Mushrooms?

Denmark, alongside the other Scandinavian countries, has pretty outdated drug policies. Scandinavia has some of the best prisons in the world; regardless, you don’t want to be doing time in Denmark because of a bag of mushrooms. The repercussions of possessing, cultivating, and buying magic mushrooms can be pretty horrifying.

Psilocybin is in “List B” of Denmark’s Euphoriants Act. 

Substances that are in this list are deemed to hold some medical and/or scientific value; therefore, they may be used legally for scientific research and/or private medical use if the correct permission is obtained. However, if used recreationally, they are still considered illegal.

The exact penalties for possessing substances in “List B” are unclear. At a minimum, you may receive a 500kr fine (around 70 USD) if you’re caught with a small amount of psilocybin for personal use. However, the penalty may increase depending on specifics such as previous convictions, amount of the substance, and whether there’s intent to supply.

Here’s what you can expect if you get caught with magic mushrooms in Denmark: 

Quantity of MushroomsMinimum PenaltyMaximum Penalty
Less than 25 grams500kr fine & a criminal record2 years in prison
More than 25 gramsLarge fine or 1 to 3 months in prison10 years in prison

What Spore Vendors Ship to Denmark?

There are several spore vendors that ship to Denmark. Some of these vendors are based in Europe, and others are based elsewhere and ship internationally. Delivery times from these vendors will differ depending on where they’re based. 

With a quick search on the internet, you’ll find many different spore vendors that ship within Europe. However, not all of them are reputable and trustworthy. 

Finding a reputable spore vendor is important because of the legalities surrounding cultivation. Growing magic mushroom spores is illegal; therefore, the spore vendors cannot be responsible if you grow them and find out that the resulting mushrooms are incorrect or contaminated. 

Let’s take a look at three of the most reputable spore vendors that ship to Denmark. These vendors are well established and highly regarded by mycologists across Europe:

1. Denver Magic Mushroom Dispensary is a spore vendor that’s based in the Netherlands. They ship spores in the form of prints, syringes, and live cultures across most of Europe. 

Denver Magic Mushroom Dispensary has a retail store in Amsterdam,USA,CANADA but they deliver most of their products across Europe and worldwide. They have fair prices for both products and postage. Shipping takes one to five working days across Europe. Deliveries outside of Europe take far longer, and the shipping is quite expensive to places such as the US and Canada.

Denver Magic Mushroom Dispensary supplies everything you need to cultivate magic mushrooms, including spores, growing equipment, and substrates. However, it’s important to note (as mentioned in the legalities section) that you may arouse suspicion if your package includes everything you need to cultivate these illicit mushrooms.

This company also supplies several other products, such as magic truffles, ayahuasca herbs, psychoactive cacti, CBD, cannabis seeds, and much more. Some of these products are legal in Denmark, but others are not. You can find out about shipping restrictions for certain products by looking at the additional information on the product pages. 

Overall, this is a highly reputable vendor with a great range of spores and growing equipment. They have fast shipping to Denmark and excellent customer service. They have over 20 different strains of Psilocybe cubensis available with options for the beginner and expert grower alike.

Recommended Strains from The Magic Mushroom Shop


California Mushrooms is another reputable spore and seed store based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, USA. They ship across Europe and offer a wide range of Psilocybe mushroom spores.

Shipping is quite pricey, but it’s a tracked and guaranteed service from UPS. Typical shipping within Europe is between one and six working days, depending on the country. Tatanka does not ship its products to countries that aren’t in the EU — including the United Kingdom.

This company sells spores, cultivation equipment, substrates, magic truffles, CBD, cannabis seeds, and more. Not all of these items are legal in Denmark, and Tatanka makes it very clear that it’s your responsibility to search local laws for restricted or prohibited items before placing an order.

Overall, Tatanka is a reputable vendor that’s well established. They don’t stock a huge range of spores, but their quality is said to be fantastic. You’ll find around 10 different strains of Psilocybe cubensis for sale from this vendor, all of which are supplied in sterile spore syringes. 

There are options for the beginner grower and expert mycologists alike. They have your typical easy-to-grow strains as well as a few more challenging strains with high potency and/or rarity factors. 

Recommended Strains from Tatanka

3. Psilocybin Mushroom home

3. Psilocybin Mushroom home is a Canadian spore vendor that ships worldwide across Canada, the United States, and Europe. They have a great reputation and a huge range of magic mushroom spores. However, shipping does take some time.

Mushroom Prints ships worldwide to most countries, including Denmark. They have a good variety of different genetics, but what you gain in selection, you lose in shipping times. Shipping to mainland Europe can take anywhere from three to eight weeks. 

Regardless of the slow postage times, if you can be patient, you have access to several Psilocybe cubensis strains that aren’t available from vendors that are based in Europe. 

If you’re a beginner grower, I’d definitely recommend purchasing spores from a European vendor, as you’ll be able to get easy-to-grow genetics in a fraction of the time. However, if you’re more experienced and are looking for rare spores, this is definitely the vendor to check out. 

Mushroom Prints provides spore samples only. They don’t offer cultivation equipment or additional products. This is a good trait in our book as they seem to be selling one type of product extremely well. 

Mushroom Prints claim that 90% of international orders make it to their destination; if an order isn’t received, they’ll send another free of charge. However, if the second order isn’t received, they will not send a third free of charge, so buy at your own risk.

Overall, Mushroom Prints is a reliable vendor that ships worldwide. What they lack in delivery speed, they make up for in spore variety. They have over 50 different genetic samples available in the form of spore syringes and prints. 

They offer easy-to-grow, highly potent, and rare strains that are hard to come by in the European market. Here are a few of our favorites:

Recommended Strains from Mushroom Prints

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

Growing psilocybin-containing mushrooms is illegal in Denmark. We don’t encourage or condone the cultivation of magic mushrooms in countries where it’s an illicit activity. However, we respect that some people may decide to grow psilocybin mushrooms regardless of legislation. If you choose to cultivate mushrooms illegally, you do so at your own risk.

Magic mushrooms can be grown in a similar way to many gourmet mushrooms. You must first obtain your spores and “sow” them into a substrate. The easiest way to do this is using a spore syringe.

First, you should fill some sterile jars with your substrate. Most people use PF Tek for this — it combines brown rice flour, vermiculite, and water. The spores are injected into this sterile environment and are left to colonize. The result will be white “cakes” of mycelium.

Once the jars are fully colonized, and the mycelium is well established, the next stage is fruiting. 

A fruiting chamber is created with a sterile substrate lining the bottom. The mycelium cakes are removed from the jars and introduced to the fruiting chamber. The chamber must be kept at a stable temperature, and the humidity must be controlled by spraying the environment with water. 

After a few days, you should start to see the first mushrooms appearing. As the mushrooms start to mature, you can begin harvesting. This can happen over several days and weeks, with the colonies producing several flushes of psychedelic mushrooms.

We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to growing mushrooms. If you want to learn how to do this properly, check out our step-by-step guide on how to grow magic mushrooms.

Do Magic Mushrooms Grow Naturally in Denmark?

Yes. There are several species of psychedelic mushrooms that grow wild in Denmark. 

The most common and easiest to identify is Psilocybe semilanceata, also known as the liberty cap mushroom, but there are a few others as well. 

You’ll find the following psychedelic mushroom species growing in Denmark:

  • Amanita muscaria 
  • Panaeolus cinctulus
  • Psilocybe cyanescens
  • Psilocybe semilanceata

As with most Psilocybe species, you’ll find Psilocybe semilanceata and Psilocybe cyanescens growing in grasslands, pastures, and meadows. You’ll also find Panaeolus cinctulus growing in similar habitats, especially areas of grassland that are grazed by livestock. 

Amanita muscaria, otherwise known as fly agaric, can grow in forest areas. They are common in deciduous woodlands (areas with broad-leaf trees rather than pine) during autumn. These mushrooms are psychedelic, but they can be toxic when ingested fresh — it’s best to steer clear of fly agaric unless you know what you’re doing. 

The best time to find wild magic mushrooms in Denmark is during autumn. August through to late October are the best months of the year, with the best days being after periods of rainfall.

Amanita muscaria

The History of Psychedelic Use in Denmark

Denmark has a rich history of psychedelic use, especially when it comes to native magic mushrooms. 

The history of psychedelic mushroom use can be traced back to the Viking era when the Vikings inhabited what is now Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. 

The Vikings are said to have used psychedelic mushrooms, including Amanita muscaria (fly agaric) and Psilocybe semilanceata (liberty cap), in religious rituals. More interestingly, psychedelic mushrooms may have been used as a sort of “performance enhancer” in battle.

The Vikings also supposedly used these substances in war. Have you heard of the famous warrior shamans known as the bärsärk (berserker)? These warriors were said to have fought in a trance-like state of rage, wearing the skins of the Scandinavian bear. 

Many people claim that these warriors chewed dried magic mushrooms such as fly agaric and liberty cap before the battle. The intoxication was said to have given them this frenzy effect, heightening their senses and dulling the pain from enemy blows.

Another group of prestigious Viking warriors were the ulfhednar. They were similar to the berserker but were a more elite group that wore the hides of the wolf into battle. 

These shamanistic warriors lived in the forests separate from the Viking colonies. They supposedly consumed large amounts of Amanita muscaria (fly agaric) and Amanita pantherina (panther cap) in a lifetime of rituals and worship. 

These substances were said to give the berserker and ulfhednar “super-human” abilities. In reality, these warriors were probably so high on magic mushrooms they developed the confidence, stamina, and vigor to go into battle without fully understanding what they were about to endure. 

Moving forward quite a few years…

Today, the Danes aren’t consuming mushrooms to go to battle. However, the country has been at the forefront of some pretty impressive psychedelic research. 

During the 50s, 60s, and 70s, several trials looking at the effects of LSD took place in the country. Between the years 1960 and 1974, over 400 patients were treated with LSD in Denmark. These trials looked into a range of potential uses of LSD in medicine, its effect on the body and brain, and the short and long-term treatment outcomes on the mental state.

Denmark was one of Europe’s first and last countries to study LSD in human trials after Nixon’s war on drugs started, and Europe started to ban the substance during the mid to late 60s. 

Denmark is steeped in psychedelic history, and magic mushrooms have grown on the land for thousands of years. Up until fairly recently, Denmark was pretty relaxed in terms of its control of psychedelic substances. However, since 2001, most psychedelics have been made illegal.

Final Word: Can You Buy Magic Mushroom Spores in Denmark?

In Denmark, the production, consumption, and sale of magic mushrooms are completely prohibited. However, psychedelic mushroom spores are legal to buy and own. Only when you cultivate these spores are you committing a crime. 

Several reliable vendors based both in and outside of Europe will ship magic mushroom spores to Denmark. Since spores are legal, you should have no issues purchasing from these vendors. However, be careful purchasing spores and cultivation equipment together because this could be seen as an intent to produce an illicit substance. 

The best vendors in Europe are often based in Holland. These vendors may not have a huge range of spore samples, but they often have express shipping and excellent customer support, and the products are more likely to reach you without issues.

If you’re looking for rarer genetics, your only option may be to source the spores from a vendor that’s based in the United States or Canada. Overseas vendors that ship worldwide often have a large list of genetics for sale. However, shipping can take considerable time to reach Europe — occasionally up to two months. 

Wherever you decide to purchase spores from, you must ensure that the vendor is reputable and reliable. Look at first-hand reviews, look for recommendations on Tripsitter, and ask questions on psychedelic forums if you’re unsure of whether a certain vendor is legit or not.

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